Photographer in Paris, France. Paris photographer

I want to remember our early morning Metro ride to the Trocadero to take our pictures with Olga

Nancy and Audrey had a bus tour in France. They wanted to visit a lot of beautiful places. They had for Paris just a few days but this trip was full of emotions! 

Lets talk to Nancy:

"I've always dreamed of going to Paris, so when a trip came available through my daughter's school we decided to get onboard. Here are some of the documentary notes I kept while we were on our adventure!

It was freezing and Audrey wore a thin dress without sleeves, but she was a trooper and completely willing to do whatever for the photos. We made it safely back to our hotel and warmed her up with layers and hot chocolate! The pictures of us in Paris already cover the walls in my home!"

Do you plan to visit Paris with your daughter? Make it a big adventure!