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The reservation of a photo session can be canceled up to fourteen (14) days before the scheduled date and time of the session with a 100% refund. In this case, the Seller will retain the amount of €50 (fifty euros) corresponding to administrative fees.


The Client has the option to cancel his reservation up to seven (7) days before the scheduled date and time of the session with a 50% refund and administrative fees (€50).


From seven (7) days preceding the date and time of the session, all sales are final, and no cancellation is eligible for a refund.


For reservation packages including a planning session with the photographer, any cancellation after the provision of these planning services will be refunded with a deduction of 75 euros for the planning session.


Payment fees of 10% or PayPal fees will be deducted from any refund, less any bank fees related to the receipt and return of the deposit.


The reservation deposit is refundable only in the following cases:

• Exceptionally bad weather conditions

• Hospitalization.


In case of rain, the photo session will proceed. The payment is non-refundable in the event of bad weather. However, the Seller will attempt to reschedule (without guarantee) an alternative date and time for the photo session. Please consider the possibility of conducting the session in an alternative location or in the rain.


In the case of heavy rainfall, the Seller may modify the appointment based on the photographer's availability. If the Client cannot change the time, they have the option to proceed with the session in the rain or to cancel and receive a refund (in this case, the cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the start time).


Service fees of 10% or PayPal fees will be deducted from any refund, less any possible bank fees related to the receipt and return of the deposit.



The Client can reschedule the photo session only up to fourteen (14) days before the scheduled date. In this case, rescheduling fees of €50 (fifty euros) will apply. Beyond this fourteen (14) day period, no rescheduling will be possible. The Seller cannot guarantee the ability to modify the initial reservation. If not possible, the Client has the option to maintain the existing reservation or to cancel in accordance with Article 5 above of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Rescheduling includes any changes to the date, time, and location.


The Seller makes all reasonable efforts to provide services in accordance with the descriptions on the website. Although it is unlikely that the Seller will need to make changes or cancel confirmed bookings, they reserve the right to do so if necessary or advisable. In case of cancellation, the Seller must offer a credit that could be used for another reservation or a full refund, at their discretion.




At any time, the Client can choose to upgrade to a higher package, but the reverse is not allowed.



If the Client arrives late to their photo session, the time elapsed since the initial start time will be lost, and they can have the session during the remaining reserved time. The number of delivered photos may be adjusted based on the actual time spent together. The Client can add additional time if the photographer is available; the extra time is billed at €150 per 30-minute interval.


If the Client wishes for the photographer to wait beyond the originally scheduled end time, additional waiting time will be charged at €50 per 15-minute interval, in addition to any fees for extending the session (extra time is billed at €150 per 30-minute interval).



Photographic Style

The Client acknowledges being familiar with the photographic style of the Photographer and seeks their services with full awareness. The Client also acknowledges that the Photographer's work is constantly evolving, that the service offered by the Photographer is unique and artistic, and that the delivered photographs may differ from those taken by the Photographer in the past. The Photographer ensures the use of all their potential and personal artistic judgment to create images consistent with their personal vision of the event or photo session.


As a professional photographer, the Photographer is the sole decision-maker regarding the choice of shots and images taken during the photo session, as well as its progression and the staging of individuals participating in the session. They propose to their Clients, who accept, the creation of photographs corresponding to a unique and specific artistic universe.


Special Conditions

The Photographer does everything possible to adapt to the conditions of the event or photo session, including the location, weather, available light, time constraints, and the subjects' preferences. However, the Client acknowledges that the quality of the photographs largely depends on these conditions.


The Photographer is not bound by an obligation of results. They make every effort to provide quality images as stipulated in the order.


Photograph Processing

Post-processing, like shooting, is specific to the Photographer and is an integral part of their work and artistic style. The Photographer alone decides the post-processing to be applied to the negatives. No so-called "raw" digital file in RAW, DNG, or any other format can be demanded by the Client.


Photograph processing involves cropping, color correction, and adjustments to all photographs.


No morphological retouching is included. Any additional retouching (adding elements to the photo, localized retouching, etc.) requested by the Client is not included in the basic service and will be accepted or rejected by the Photographer, who reserves the right to charge additional work per image according to the current rates.


The service does not include any physical/print photographs. Digital-format photos will be delivered solely through a dedicated gallery to the Client with the entire selection via a platform designed for this purpose.


Depending on the chosen package, the Client has a fixed number of included digital photos in the service. Under no circumstances will the photographer deliver all the photos taken. If the Client wishes to acquire additional photos, a package will be offered in addition to the initial service.


The additional photo will be charged at ten (10)€.



The Client acknowledges and accepts that the reserved time slots for the ordered session are imperative. Beyond a 30-minute delay, the session will be canceled, and the payment will not be refunded. The Photographer reserves the right to reschedule the service only once. The Client will also ensure that the Photographer is not disturbed by anyone accompanying them who is not part of the session. Children present during photo sessions remain the sole responsibility of the parents. In the event of material damage caused by the Client, the child, or any other person present in the photo session, they must be fully reimbursed.



The Products ordered by the Client will be delivered in metropolitan France or in the following area(s): Worldwide.


Deliveries occur within a period of 7 working days to the address provided by the Client during their order on the website.



In case of technical issues with the photographic equipment or any accident during the service preventing the Photographer from delivering the requested work, the Photographer will propose rescheduling the service to a later date or a partial or total refund. The Client cannot claim any damages or compensation.


In the event of loss or damage to the photos before their delivery, preventing the completion of the initially agreed-upon service, the Client may only claim a partial or total refund for this service.



The content of the website is the property of the Seller and its partners and is protected by French and international laws relating to intellectual property. Any total or partial reproduction of this content is strictly prohibited and may constitute an infringement.


The possible delivery of photographs in digital format does not imply the transfer of intellectual property rights to the delivered photographs (Article L111-3 of the Intellectual Property Code). The delivered photographs are only for personal use. No publication may occur on paper (magazine, press, etc.) or virtual (commercial website, transfer of rights to third parties) without the prior consent of the Photographer, who must be consulted beforehand. Any violation of this provision will constitute infringement within the meaning of Article L335-2 of the Intellectual Property Code.


Clients shall not crop the photographs or make any modifications of any kind. Any modification will be considered an infringement on the integrity of the photographs, which may also lead to legal action for infringement. Any use of the photographs by Clients in accordance with these terms and conditions will be accompanied by an explicit reference to the Seller's website in the following form: ©Photo OKPHOTOPARIS –

Clients undertake to report to the Seller any fraudulent use they may have observed.