Photographer in Paris, France. Paris photographer

Our Paris photo shoot was really great! The photographer was fast and efficient in setting up the shots, and provided just enough direction, which we liked. She used our surroundings to compose interesting shots that weren't boring or static. I also really appreciated that she was able to reschedule us to a time when it wasn't pouring rain!! She even added on a little extra time so we could shoot in front of our favorite gelato creamery. One of my friends saw the pictures and has already booked a shoot with Olga!

Jennifer Jacobson

You ask me about what to do with Kids in Paris. Do the tours! Take a Bike Tours or River Cruise.


If you love the nature and want to show your kids how the Parisian kids spend their childhood, bring them to the Luxembourg garden. A beautiful park with a great playground, a fountain pond for sailing small wooden boats, a marionette theater (puppet shows at 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30 in summer), an old fashioned carousel (designed by Charles Garnier, who also built the Opéra), and very amazing playground. 


You can see a lot of old men playing chess under the trees and one man with big collection of boats which your kids can have for 5 euros and play with them in the fountain. 


The garden opens his doors at 7.30am. It's a best time to do a photoshoot in Paris. You will really appreciate your time together with Paris photographer in the empty beautiful area. To get a cute Paris photos don't forget to be well dressed. This place is the most gorgeous place in Paris.