Photographer in Paris, France. Paris photographer

FaceTime photo shoot  |  Mother and son in lockdown 2020



Julia and Leo


Lockdown duration: 22 days
City: Moscow, Russia

I met Julia first time in France 6 years ago. She visited our country with her fiancé and one year later they invited me to shoot their wedding in Italy. Julia has a particular love to Latin world. Her dream is to move one day to Cuba. Latin music and dances inspire her a lot. She learned Spanish and now speak with her son in two languages: Russian and Spanish.




Leo will celebrate in seven months 3 years. Two years ago Julia stoped to work and decided to educate her son at home. They spent every summer in Spain. Sea, food and sun - what can be more better! This summer will be very different for them. 



They try to live in new reality. One of their rooms became an office for Leo's dad. He goes there at 8.30am and come back to family at 5.30pm. During his working day these two sweeties have a lot of things to do! 


When Julia discovered FaceTime shoot she was very motivated.This new experience was very fun for them!