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French Style Photography | Couple photo session in Paris

Paris is the city of neutral and pastel colors. Well, it concerns architecture, surrounding landscape, interior and... clothes. The manner of dress is an important aspect of Parisian life. Generally, parisians prefer calm and cream colors like beige, soft pink or classic black. But tourists are another matter.

In most cases, you can instantly distinguish a tourist among the parisians in appearance. Sometimes it's a bit ironic against the backdrop of the parisians' elegance and simplicity. :)

Paris photoshoots by @paris_okphoto we mainly try to make in truly French style. I believe that photos from Paris are a form of art. That is why for a picture not just quality but aesthetic, we always recommend to organise your outfits for each photosession. This is really important.

The final result of any photoshoot even in Paris depends not only on photographers. :) Pay your attention to the clothing etiquette. This detail will help to make your pictures perfect!

Gorgeous couple on this photo could be a good example.