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Best time to take photos in Paris | Photo Shoot at Trocadero with Steven Kemner and Emily

Imagine, if you will - you have decided to order a photo shoot in Paris. Beautiful choice. Well, don't we make a safe assumption saying that you want an original and high-quality one? Of course, some photos opposite and nearby the Eiffel tower. That's classic. And I'm sincerely happy to be the part of this classic. I always strive to make that kind of photos the most incredible and genuine. My secret is...TROCADERO.


There is general agreement that the Palais du Trocadéro offering  the  fanciest and unobstructed views of the Eiffel tower. Well, that's absolutely right. Trocadéro is one of such places! A huge range of possible locations to make photos here with the symbol of Paris in the background! Many of people keep telling that the first meeting with Paris should start with the Trocadéro. I think not only meeting but the classic photoshoot in Paris is almost impracticable without this adorable location.

Do you want the best way to receive awesome photos at Trocadéro? As professional and skilled Paris photographers we have a tip for you. The best time for the Trocadero photoshoot is undoubtedly at sunrise and morning hours till noon. In addition, this time interval is indeed special for perfect photoshoot in Paris!


I met Emily and Steven Kemner at sunrise time - very early (6.10am) last May. At this time you can meet at Trocadero only Paris Photographers with couples doing the photo shoot. Very rare you can meet at sunrise families with the kids which were very braves and came at Trocadero for the family photo shoot in Paris. 


I had such a great time with our couple! The time was run so fast and we didn't notice that one hour photo session in Paris came to the end.


We was speaking about the music and design. Steven is a multi-instrumentalist with a focus on ambient styled music. He's a member of Hotel Neon, a Philadelphia, PA based drone/ambient band. Another project he's apart of is entitled The Sound of Rescue, a post-rock band also based out of Philadelphia. His first solo album, Gradation Movements, came out in 2017 and is a gorgeous album of slowly revealing ambient music.